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Residential Flooding in Crowley

This Crowley, TX family came home from work on Friday, and were surprised to find a toilet had backed up into several rooms, saturating the carpet, the pad, and... READ MORE

Broken Lavatory Line Causes Extensive Flooding Damage in South Johnson County

The last thing a homeowner wants to see if standing water in their home. When the lavatory water line failed in this 1700 square foot South Johnson County home... READ MORE

Five Rooms Flooded in Johnson County

Water damage in your home can be a real headache. Older copper plumbing burst inside a wall cavity and caused extensive water damage in 5 rooms of this Johnson... READ MORE

Damage to Laminate Flooring From Water Leak

This family who lives in the Crowley home had a slow drip leak from a washer hose in their garage. The leak caused extensive damage throughout their home, incl... READ MORE

What is the best way to get rid of mold?

Finding mold is not fun. However if you discover a mold problem in your home, the amazing team at SERVPRO of Crowley & South Johnson County is here to help!... READ MORE

How do I get rid of microbial growth on a wall?

1. Contact SERVPRO of Crowley & South Johnson County to get a licensed mold remediation specialist on site. 2. In most cases SERVPRO will have an Environmen... READ MORE

Mold cleaning in bathrooms

Most bathrooms will have microbial growth overtime due to the amount of water and moisture they are exposed to. It is important to make sure that this mold does... READ MORE

How do I get mold off of my ceiling?

Finding mold growing on your ceiling can definitely not be an issue you want to deal with. Luckily the team at SERVPRO is here to help. If you think you have mo... READ MORE

Mold cleanup in Crowley, Texas

SERVPRO of Crowley & South Johnson County is available to remediate any type of mold situation. Their team is always quick to get on site and begin the reme... READ MORE

How do I remove mold off of my wall?

1. If you experience mold growing in your home it is important to contact the team at SERVPRO of Crowley and South Johnson County.2. The first step will be to h... READ MORE