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SERVPRO Keeps Your Business Afloat in Cleburne after a Water Loss

10/16/2019 (Permalink)

Row of washing machines in a neat and clean laundromat SERVPRO Helps Cleburne Residents Keep Their Dirty Laundry Clean with Fast Water Damage Restoration Service

Why Commercial Water Damage Requires Professional Care and Attention in Cleburne

Commercial Water Damage Cleburne
Laundromats require regular inspection and maintenance of appliances to ensure they do not fail under the stress of multiple customers using them throughout the day. While inspections can reduce the number of malfunctions that occur, they cannot stop them completely. When water pipes or the appliances themselves malfunction, you can often find yourself ankle deep in water and in need of rapid, professional assistance.

We have an extensive roster of clients that have required restoration of commercial water damage here in Cleburne. Each service presents unique challenges, which are why at SERVPRO, we rely on our training and experience rather than one-size-fits-all approaches. Usually, an emergency at your Laundromat is considered a clean-water emergency. Although over-time, these issues can become increasingly severe, particularly when standing water is involved. Typically, tiled floors in this washing facilities are mopped and vacuumed up, leaving just work for the dehumidifiers and air movers to remove excess moisture.

All water types contain microbes. Microbes within the water, as well as the length of time water,  is allowed to remain, can cause a white emergency to deteriorate into greywater. Greywater emergencies are not harmful to human health but can cause rot or mold to emerge. This Category 2 greywater can also occur if cleaning products are dissolved in the liquid. Sewage back-ups are generally considered black water. These scenarios require infectious waste removal licensing as well as personal protective equipment (PPE) to prevent pathogens from ingestion.

SERVPRO is adept at dealing with all kinds of water emergencies. Every technician is trained in the various techniques and methods that are useful for restoring commercial properties. These may include water removal, microbial awareness, as well as dealing with and disposing of infectious waste materials. Our first step is to pump water out of the property using submersible gas pumps that deposit water into an open sewer point.

Once the standing water is reduced, a SERVPRO technician, or team of technicians, can begin implementing proper drying techniques. These begin using wet/ dry vacuums known as water extractors to remove any residual moisture left behind after pumping. Gas-powered pumps are usually only ineffective below two inches of standing water. We can then place a combination of rapid-air moving devices to encourage the evaporation process.

Since standing water naturally migrates from wet to dry, it may be necessary to inspect structural cavities using sensors, moisture meters, or thermal imaging cameras. We stock advanced structural drying equipment should your business property require this process. Evaporation and temperature increase evaporation but also indoor relative humidity. This increase in humidity can be a microbial growth concern. By deploying dehumidifiers in conjunction with air-movers, we can prevent that from happening. In the event of microbial growth, something that patrons of a laundromat frown upon, we can use our Mold Remediation Contractor License #: MRC1353 to take care of the problem.

If your business suffers an emergency involving any-type of water, contact SERVPRO of Crowley & South Johnson County at (817) 297-8588.

Making the Right Choice for Restoration | SERVPRO® of Crowley & South Johnson County

10/10/2019 (Permalink)

green work van with SERVPRO logo at clean up site A quick response from SERVPRO of Crowley and South Johnson County ensures your Clean-up and Damage Restoration needs are professionally completed.

When choosing a restoration company to work on your home, it is important to make a well-educated decision. The time after damages occur is trying, and it is essential to know you are in good hands. Choosing a company that is both customer- and quality-focused will ensure your home is repaired in a smooth and efficient manner.

Additionally, choosing a company with a wide range of expertise is key. Because so many damages can cause more serious issues—water damage compromising structures or fire releasing hazardous air particles for example—having a company that can handle the full range of damages will come in handy.

<h3we-re-the-right-choice">Why We’re the Right Choice

When you are comparing the various restoration companies, it is important to know you are choosing wisely. Here are some things to look for to ensure you are making the right choice for restoration:

Around the Clock Availability

Disasters have no consideration for convenience, which is why we make reporting damage as convenient as possible. We have an emergency line on 24 hours a day so you can call as soon as damage strikes, regardless of the hour.

Technicians Who are Experts

Our technicians are leaders in their field who have undergone an advanced training system in accordance with the guidelines set forth by the IICRC. They are able to use the latest technology and methodology to ensure your restoration is as efficient as possible.

A Comprehensive Coverage Network

With over 1,700 franchise locations across the country, we have a wide range of resources at our disposal for restoration. Because we have so many experts across the country, we are able to treat community-devastating natural disasters with the same level of care and efficiency as we can a localized flood.

If you have experienced storm damage, we are always here to help! Call our restoration experts 247 so we can address your damages quickly.

Categories of Water

10/1/2019 (Permalink)

high water in foreground with Dollar Store in the background Flood water containing contaminants that penetrate all porous materials with which it comes into contact.

Risks associated with exposure to different categories of water

Clean water, which is considered Category 1,  is almost always safe for consumption. Gray water, Category 2, has been used but does not contain gross contaminants.

Black water, Category 3, is dangerous to people and animals. Unless and until an authority declares the flood water as clean, you should assume it is black water. Learn precisely what that means below:

What Is It? 

The classification of water as “black” means that it has come into contact with harmful elements such as raw sewage. This rating means the water may contain all kinds of dangerous microbes, including bacteria, mold, fungi, and viruses. It may even include the norovirus, parasites, and other infectious material. 

Why Is Flood Water Classified This Way? 

When water enters your home after heavy rains, it’s not just water from the sky. Water damage also comes from overflowing sewage. That sewage can mix with the rainwater and contaminate everything it touches. 

Visit our website to learn more about sewage problems and the cleanup process. 


SERVPRO is always here to help 24/7/365

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Large warehouse in the background with multiple green Servpro vehicles and large trailers parked in front SERVPRO of Crowley & South Johnson County is ready to respond to any size disaster like this 100,000 square-foot flooded warehouse.

SERVPRO is a nationwide network of franchised locations with a physical presence in virtually every community in the US and parts of Canada. We are a network of over 1700 individually owned and operated franchise locations, with the combined capability to respond to any loss at any time. We are also a part of the communities in which we operate, so that each community is represented by a small business owner who can assure you will receive personal service.

With over fifty years in the industry we are a leading provider of Fire & Smoke Damage Restoration, Water Damage Restoration, Mold Remediation, and Commercial Large Loss Restoration services.

If your home or business in Crowley, Cleburne, Alvarado, Burleson, Joshua, Granbury, Glen Rose, or Fort Worth requires services, SERVPRO of Crowley & South Johnson County has the people, the equipment, the training, and the experience to handle any size loss. W e are always here to help 24/7/365.

We can be reached by calling 1-866-737-8899 anytime you need us.

SERVPRO Storm Team Response

9/8/2019 (Permalink)

lightning bolts across dark stormy sky with gray and white rumbling clouds in the background Storm and lighting damage require specialized restoration techniques and equipment. When a storm hits your home, you need the company with experience

Thunderstorms can be damaging in many ways. Flooding and hail are often considered and should have precautions taken against them, but another thing that should be kept in mind is lightning strikes.

Many storms bring rain and high winds, but every storm contains electricity and the possibility for lightning—even when there is no precipitation. The temperature of a lightning bolt can reach 500,000 degrees, which makes them highly dangerous to structures and people during a storm. Understanding how lightning is formed and what damage it can cause is essential to prevent risks.

<h3thunderstorms-form-lightning">How Thunderstorms Form Lightning

Because all thunderstorms involve electrical charges, a lightning strike is always possible. What we see as a lightning bolt is actually a quick burst of the storm’s electrical charge, which occurs when it becomes over-agitated.

The earth’s atmosphere is a poor insulator for electricity, which is what prompts lightning to seek out objects and choose the most efficient path to the ground. If a home is what is in the bolt’s path, lightning usually travels through wiring and water pipes to reach the soil.

<h3damage-is-caused-by-lightning">How Damage Is Caused by Lightning

Along with the multitude of dangers from the storms themselves, there are [three main dangers unique to lightning strikes]:

Fire risks. This is one of the main dangers lightning can bring because of how efficiently it can ignite objects. A lightning bolt is hot enough to cause a house to catch fire upon impact. Once it strikes, as the lightning moves through the wiring system, it can damage the wires, leading to possible fire hazards throughout the entire wiring system.

Power surges. Due to lightning’s electrical nature, as it travels through a home’s wiring system, it can transfer its charge. This can damage any appliance that is not routed through a surge protector.

Shock waves. Shock waves are typically called thunder, but they are not limited to the clouds. The shock waves from a lightning strike are powerful enough to shatter glass and explode building materials at close range, compromising the structure and potentially causing residual damage via shrapnel as well.

If your home has been affected by storm damages or lightning-related fires, give us a call today! We are experts in damage cleanup and can restore your damage quickly.

Quick Response is Critical

9/8/2019 (Permalink)

flooded library with green air movers in place When a library floods the entire community is impacted, therefore the sense of urgency is even greater than usual.

Faster to Any Size Disaster

SERVPRO is on call 24/7/365 and is ready to respond to your commercial loss. We understand it is very critical that you get back to focusing your attention on your business as soon as possible. Our staff is trained to respond quickly and to assume responsibility for as much of the restoration activity as possible, freeing your staff to do the things that make your business successful. Whether it is an entire facility or a small area, we understand it is important to you to have it fully operational. We are proud to say we are faster to any size disaster.

The People, The Training, and The Equipment

SERVPRO takes pride in its' highly motivated, trained, and professional staff. and we employ the latest technology in restoration equipment to assure you receive state-of-the-art services.

If you require service, SERVPRO is always here to help.  

Choosing Us for Commercial Restoration | SERVPRO® of Crowley & South Johnson County

8/27/2019 (Permalink)

Green van coming toward the viewer on a multi-lane highway. A fast response time by our team will ensure that your restoration needs are professionally completed by SERVPRO of Crowley and South Johnson County.

For small business owners, sustaining fire or water damage is more than just a slight inconvenience—it is something that can jeopardize their livelihood. A recent FEMA report states that over 40% of business owners are unable to resume operations following a natural disaster. If your business has experienced damage, it is vital to work with a company that can properly perform your commercial restoration to keep this from happening to you.

That is why we make it our goal to be your go-to for commercial restoration. We understand the importance of businesses to their owners’ livelihood, which is why we are passionate about making sure your restoration is done right. Here are just a few reasons to consider choosing us for commercial restoration:

1. A Quick Response Time

Being “faster to any size disaster” is more than just a slogan for us. We keep our emergency service line open around the clock to ensure our technicians can respond to your disaster as quickly as possible.

Not only does this provide business owners with peace of mind, but it also saves them time and money during the restoration process. Our technicians are trained to respond quickly and immediately halt scenarios that could cause more damage if left untreated. This means business owners can focus on other important tasks to get their business reopened.

2. An Amazing Team

Our team of expert technicians are leaders in the restoration field and are given access to extensive training and education materials. The guidelines in place from the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) form the core of their training, so they are able to learn from authorities on the restoration industry’s standards.

Through certification courses and online learning, technicians are also able to further their education and keep their knowledge current. This way, they can be aware of up-to-date practices as new information is released, ensuring they can handle any disaster scenario.

3. State-of-the-Art Equipment

The IICRC also has guidelines and recommendations for restoration equipment, which is what we use when handling the restoration. This way, customers know we are tackling the job with the industry’s most state-of-the-art tools. Whether we are extracting water after a flood or removing soot smell after a fire, we have the right tools for your job.

If you’re in need of commercial restoration, do not hesitate to make the call so you can get your business back faster. Our trained experts are here to help 24/7—contact us today.

Smart Strategies for Preventing House Fires | SERVPRO® of Crowley & South Johnson County

8/13/2019 (Permalink)

Fires caused by cooking are the leading source of house fires. If your home has fire damage, call SERVPRO of Crowley and South Johnson County.

While every household should make installing smoke alarms a priority, there are other prevention resources you can use in conjunction with smoke alarms to make your home even safer. Because house fires occur often and for many reasons, it is essential to learn about the statistics and strategies for preventing them.

House Fires and the Numbers

According to the NFPA, every 24 seconds, someone is affected by a home fire. Extrapolated, that means there are an estimated 8,600 house fires in the United States each day.

Fires caused by cooking are the leading source of house fires, but there are many other reasons a fire could start as well. Faulty appliance cords, dryer lint and aerosol cans can also pose a fire risk if not handled carefully.

Top Tips for Fire Prevention

The best way to defend against house fire risk is by being proactive. Learning tips about fire prevention will help you understand the risks and how you can prevent them:

Check up on smoke alarms. Check your smoke alarms every 30 days, and replace them every 10 years, even if they still appear to be functional.

Clean dryer lint. As lint builds up and the dryer gets warm, it can become a combustion risk. Remove lint from the dryer tray after each load of laundry.

Never leave open flames. Fires can start and spread faster than you think, which is why it is never wise to leave the room when there is an open flame. Whether it is a candle, cooking flame or fireplace, always keep an eye on them.

Monitor electrical cords. Cords and electrical wires should be checked often for frayed spots and immediately replaced if they are present. Never run electrical cords under rugs or behind furniture, as they can produce heat.

Check for flammable products. Chemicals in household products can be highly flammable, as well as products that come in aerosol cans. Keep these away from sunlight or heat sources.

If your home has suffered damage from a house fire, give us a call. We are certified in fire and soot remediation, and here to help 247.

3 Ways Mold Sneaks Into Your Air Ducts

7/15/2019 (Permalink)

HVAC cleaning can be an intimidating process for business owners. If air ducts aren’t inspected often, they can accumulate mold and spread it throughout the building. In order to completely solve a mold problem, you may need to understand how mold enters and forms inside the ventilation system.

1. Using the Air Ventilation System Before Mold Removal

Since moisture builds up when there is no air circulation, it’s easy to assume that air vents help prevent mold from growing. However, if mold has already formed, you may expect a completely different outcome because mold can travel easiest when it dries out. If you switch the air vents on before an HVAC cleaning professional comes in, you may be helping the mold find a more suitable area inside the building to grow.

2. Dust Accumulation Inside Vents

How does mold form inside vents if the air flow pushes it around? While an air ventilation system isn’t running, dust can form inside the ducts. Mold may also settle on the dust in the vents along with any moisture that has been sucked in. Since dust is often an accumulation of small organic particles, it can become a perfect food source for mold in the vents. You should consider cleaning vents routinely to help prevent mold in the ducts.

3. Moisture Inside the Duct Work

When a building is humid and the air conditioning is turned on, it sucks the moisture out of each room and through the vents. Along an entire air duct system, there are several nooks and cracks in which the moisture may tend to accumulate. Since mold prefers a good source of moisture, it may start growing in these cracks and eventually spread onto the outside of the vents. 

If you are a property owner in Cleburne, TX, you may wonder whether or not mold has invaded your air ducts. A professional HVAC cleaning service from SERVPRO of Crowley & South Johnson County may help you find and eliminate mold from within your ventilation system.

For more information, please visit us at

What Causes Toilet Leaks?

6/24/2019 (Permalink)

< img src = ”toilet.jpg” alt = “cracked toilet tank” > Poor quality materials or construction can result in cracked porcelain. This can go undetected until significant damage result.

Toilets can leak for a number of reasons:
• Faulty seals
• Loose closet bolts
• Leaking supply line or valve
• A cracked bowl

Replacing the Wax Gasket

Replacing the wax gasket can be easily performed in just a few steps:

1. Drain the toilet and close the supply valve.

2. Loosen and remove the bolts that secure the toilet to the floor.

3. Lift the toilet off and then set it aside. Be careful not to damage the toilet.

4. Scrape all the wax off the flange on the floor.*

5. Carefully place the new gasket on the flange, making sure it is completely centered.

6. Replace the toilet and press down firmly to compact the gasket.

7. Reconnect the water line, fill the tank, and then inspect for leaks.

*If you notice any damage to the closet flange, repair or replace the flange before installing your new wax gasket.

Replacing the Supply Line

1. Turn off the water supply to the toilet

2. Flush the toilet to remove as much water as possible from the tank. Then either place a container under the tank to catch the residual water, or soak it up in a towel, being careful to avoid damage to the components inside the tank.

3. Disconnect the supply line and replace it.

4. Turn the water on, and check to drips or leaks.

Poor Quality Materials 

Porcelain fixtures are fragile and can be easily damaged. In some cases there are defects in the material that cause failures which can go undetected until there is significant damage as a result. 

A leaking toilet can cause significant water damage to your bathroom. If your small leak turns into a big problem, SERVPRO of Crowley & South Johnson County is here to help 24/7. However, with these few easy steps, you can fix this small problem before it becomes a big one.

For more information, please visit us at