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How Can Cooking Out Cause a Fire?

8/5/2020 (Permalink)

Cleburne, your fire damage needs SERVPRO’s tools and reliability.

SERVPRO technicians can handle any size fire damage to your Cleburne home.

Grilling weather in this part of Texas is year-round, and many people enjoy not only entertaining at home but tailgating and other cookout fun. When cooking on a grill at your Cleburne home, a fun time can turn into a tragedy if some basic safety rules get ignored:

  • Never bring an outdoor grill indoors, the result can be deadly
  • Always grill at least fifteen feet from overhanging tree branches and structures to inhibit the chance of fume build-up or accidental fires
  • When you think the fire is out, double-check it

How Can I Get Fire Damage Restoration to the Exterior and Interior of My Home?  

When a cookout goes wrong at your Cleburne home, and fire damage restoration is in order, there are numerous actions the SERVPRO technicians can take to assist in limiting any further loss to your property or contents. The techs are available around the clock for any type of fire cleanup and restoration, and upon arrival, they immediately handle any temporary repairs or securing the property needs such as: 

  • Placing tarps over damaged roofing to stop rain from entering
  • Boarding up broken windows or damaged doors  
  • Setting up security perimeters to keep unauthorized people out of the job site

How to Grill Safely and Avoid Fires

There are many things that homeowners can do to ensure that the fun time they had while cooking out can stay that way through the following:

Safe storage of flammables  

Where you store your flammable fuels such as liquid propane and natural gas away from electrical outlets, heat sources, and away from where you are cooking, briquettes and wood chips should get stored in containers with the same care.  

Always Have a fire extinguisher handy  

It is a good idea to have a household CO2 fire extinguisher and be sure every member of the household knows where it is and how to use it. If you do not have one, alternative ways to put out a fire are a large amount of baking soda. One thing you should'nt ever do is put out a grease fire with water. The water vaporizes upon contact with the grease and immediately rises, bringing the flames with it. A small grease fire can gut an area quickly if water gets tossed on it. The same outcome can happen when frozen items get placed in hot oil, and the ice turns into steam, such as people that use outdoor fryers for cooking frozen turkeys that did not get adequately thawed.   

Routine cleanup helps avoid fires  

If you have a propane or natural gas grill, do a check before you light it before every cook session and look at the following:   

  • Ensure fittings, lines and connections are in good condition as gas hoses exposed to heat can melt
  • Look for leaks
  • Clean blocked tubes
  • Check to make sure burners are free of debris and clean grill after each use

Wear the right clothes for cooking out

Make sure when you cookout that you have the correct clothing and protective equipment. Loose clothing can wind up charring or catching on fire, and you should avoid wearing it. Fireproof hand protection and long-handled utensils can allow you to cook safely over your grill. 

Know how to use your grill properly

Know the basics for operating your grill safely, such as leaving the lid open when igniting the grill. If the cover gets closed, it can cause a build-up of gases and explode. In cases where you have issues lighting your grill, leave the lid open for a minimum of five minutes to ensure it clears. Gas is heavier than oxygen and needs time to clear out of the cook box. 

If you need to swap tanks while grilling, use care  

Turn off the tank valve and burners to ensure no gas flow and make sure there is space to maneuver in the new tank without coming into contact with any hot surfaces. Natural gas grills should have a blue flame with a yellow tip. If the flame goes yellow, cease using the grill until a certified professional can inspect it. 

If a fire occurs, get everyone out of the way and extinguish the fire as rapidly as possible. It is wise to keep your insurance agent's contact information and the number for your local SERVPRO if you need assistance cleaning up post-fire. Soot can be caustic, and damage metal and smoke damage that enters your home will not go away until it is manually removed. 

When you need fast and efficient fire damage restoration, contact SERVPRO of Crowley & South Johnson County at (817) 297-8588. The certified techs are on-call 24/7 to clean up and repair your home from any size fire loss. 

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